Tim Edwards can be both irreverent and socially conscious onstage — and there are plenty of times when he manages to be both in the span of a single joke. He can challenge audiences by dredging up some of the uncomfortable realities of our modern culture, but his charisma and sharp writing ensure that his message — and the punchline — still resonate.

In turn, Edwards stayed pretty busy last year, appearing at the San Diego Comedy Festival, the East Texas Comedy Festival and the World Series of Comedy. This year, he had a different goal. He just released his first album, which is available on his website, and you can see him perform live this weekend at the Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub in Fort Worth along with headliner Dan Soder.

In advance of that gig and in celebration of his new album, we talked this week about his views on how to help the Dallas comedy scene continue to grow, and the importance of cultivating a perspective in stand-up.
— Central Track Magazine